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Please let us know if you have any issues by emailing us at

Common Questions:

Q: I ordered a digital movie. How do I get access?

A: If you are a new customer, as soon as your order was confirmed, you were sent a separate message to the email used during checkout. This contains login information so you can view your purchase. The subject line will be: "Access your digital purchase on Citizens United Movies". Please check your spam folder in case you do not see it immediately. If you did not receive this email, please follow the steps below for "My password isn't working."

If you are a returning customer, you should see access appear when you return to the catalog page at:


Q: My password isn't working.

A: Please try clicking "Forgot password?" on the login screen to get a new password sent to you.


Q: If I purchase access to a movie, will I be able to watch it more than once?

A: Yes, you can login to watch at any time and there is no subscription required to maintain access, subject to our terms of service.


Q: Where can I watch the movie?

A: You can watch on any device that has a web browser. You simply sign in with your account credentials on that device.


Q: I put in the wrong email address during checkout, what do I do?

A: We can fix that: Please email and indicate the incorrect email address that was used  and the correct email address that should be used along with your name.


Q: Can I gift the movie to others?

A: We don't have a dedicated gifting option currently, but you can go to the purchase link and use your friend’s email address instead of your own and it will automatically create an account for them with access to the movie once you checkout. Just make sure it’s your friend’s email address listed in checkout rather than your own. You will probably have to send them an email letting them know why they got an order confirmation email.